peeps terrarium dessert

Peeps are a traditional Easter candy in my family — we must have them every year, or it isn’t really Easter. I am always excited to see them at my local dollar store when I start shopping for Easter basket supplies and goodies. This year I picked up a few boxes of Peeps so we could get creative with them — I put the boxes on our table and we started brainstorming what fun things we could make with them! Our top project: a Peeps Terrarium Easter Dessert.

I have seen so many other Peeps crafts, like these Peep Brothers tell us:

I’m excited that they didn’t mention our project in their list — maybe we came up with a new way to use Peeps!

Peeps Terrarium Easter Dessert Recipe

Peeps Terrarium dessert

Project Materials:

  • Peeps Bunnies, $1
  • Clear plastic tumblers, $1
  • Pudding cups, $1
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies, $1
  • Flaked coconut, $1
  • Green food coloring, on hand or $1
  • Assorted Easter candies (eggs, carrot), $1 each

Total: $7 for 8 terrariums

Save money by using things you already have on hand, like pudding, coconut, food coloring. You can bring the cost down to about 50 cents per serving if you use what you already have on hand.

How to make Peeps Terrariums:

1. Spoon half of a pudding cup (or about 1/4 cup) of chocolate pudding into a clear plastic tumbler.

2. Crumble up chocolate sandwich cookies until they resemble dirt. Spoon on top of chocolate pudding to resemble dirt.

3. Tint flaked coconut with a few drops of green food coloring. Stir until all the coconut is colored. Spread on top of cookie crumb layer.

4. Insert a Peeps bunny, a carrot candy, and a few easter egg candies to embellish your terrarium.

Alternately, create your desserts inside mason jars:

Peeps terrarrium jar dessert

We made mason jar Peeps terrariums too, and they were super cute. If you are transporting these desserts to a party, the jar is a great way to go because you can seal it up and keep it fresh and safe while you travel. Plus, you can reuse the jar after you’re done with dessert! This will add about $1 to each serving.

To find out more about your Peepsonality, visit Peeps online, or become a fan of Peeps on Facebook!

*This post was sponsored by Peeps, but project and opinions are my own!*