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[25 Mar 2015 | One Comment | 493 views]
Epic Bead & Jewelry Haul: Fire Mountain Gems $1 Sale

I just got a heavy package full of stuff — my order from the Fire Mountain Gems Dollar Sale came! Find out what I got – each item cost $1 or less. I got tons of fun beading and jewelry-making supplies in this epic haul.
Check out the Fire Mountain Gems $1 Sale for yourself!

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[20 Mar 2015 | One Comment | 655 views]
Haul Video: Dollar Tree Craft Supplies and Ideas

Heather went to Dollar Tree the other day and found some interesting things! Much of her haul came from the craft aisle, but there are also a few surprises thrown in the mix. When you shop with an open mind, almost anything can become a craft supply. Take a peek inside Heather’s crafty thought process as she shares her most recent purchases …

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[13 Mar 2015 | Comments Off | 1,119 views]
Haul Video:  Dollar Tree Spring Haul

Are you ready for SPRING? I know I sure am! I was happy to see spring and gardening items return to the shelves at my local Dollar Tree. The best stuff usually goes quick, so I stopped in this week to snag a few treasures while they’re available. I can’t wait to get cracking on all of the lawn and garden …

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[6 Mar 2015 | Comments Off | 385 views]
Haul Video: Supplies from Consumer Crafts

One of our very favorite places to pick up affordable craft supplies is Consumer Crafts. Their selection is amazing and they have great sales! Heather recently received her latest order from them – watch the video to check out all of the awesome stuff she snagged and find out what she plans to do with her new treasures!

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[27 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 978 views]
Haul Video: Rhonda’s Latest Trip to Dollar Tree

In case you haven’t guesses yet, I am a Dollar Tree junkie – my local store is in my neighborhood, so I usually stop several times a week. It’s not uncommon for me to make 6 or even 7 trips there in a week. Some days I walk out with just two or three things, and other times I leave with multiple bags …

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[13 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 632 views]
Haul Video: Daiso, the Japanese Dollar Store

Did you know that there is a Japanese equivalent of the dollar store? It’s called Daiso, and everything there is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. I’d heard for a long time that Daiso was amazing, so last month when I was visiting California for a big crafty trade show, I met up with Tanner and Courtney from A Little Craft In Your Day and we went …

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[6 Feb 2015 | 2 Comments | 727 views]
Haul Video: EPIC Jewelry Supplies Mystery Box!

Are you a sucker for Mystery Bags and Mystery Boxes?  Us too!  Heather recently ordered a destash box from TomorrowsUnknown, and it came CRAMMED full of a ton of absolutely amazing stuff.  This is the most epic jewelry haul ever!  Want to see what all came in Heather’s box?  Watch the video to see – you will be amazed!  Want your own mystery box?  There …

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[31 Jan 2015 | Comments Off | 2,275 views]
How to Find $1 Craft Supplies on eBay

Until recently, I had no idea you could find $1 craft supplies on eBay, but since I started Crafty Bobcat in a Box (where I pay $1 a day to get a random craft package sent to me), I have learned that there are many craft supplies to be found that cost $1 — or less! Craft supplies from beads and jewelry findings, to buttons …

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[30 Jan 2015 | Comments Off | 1,070 views]
Video: Valentine Haul from Dollar General

While my go-to dollar store is definitely Dollar Tree, I still like to stop by the other dollar stores in my area at least once per holiday/season and see what they have on the shelf. I recently stopped by Dollar General and while my haul there was modest, the things that I did find were pretty awesome! Watch the video to see what I found …

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[25 Jan 2015 | One Comment | 585 views]
Make Washi Tape Stickers

I was already a washi tape addict, and then it started turning up at Dollar Tree.  Oooooooh boy!  How can I turn down cute tapes for $1 a roll?  And so it is that I find myself with a growing collection of washi, enough that it probably constitutes 2 or 3 lifetime supplies.  So, what can you do with a massive washi tape collection?  Over …