Image by flickr user Suedehead. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Once you start buying yarn, it can be hard to stop! Lately, I have been buying yarn at Goodwill – I usually get a bag of 7-10 skeins of mixed yarn for about $6.99 (sometimes as low as $3.99, though!). I have a 3-drawer dresser filled to the brim with all my yarn! But since yarn is so pretty, it can be fun to display it in a useful and pretty way.

Over at eBay*, I’ve written about Pretty Ways to Store Your Yarn Stash, so go check out these great ideas! (*I wrote that article as part of a paid collaboration with eBay.)


Here are some of my recent creations (I am addicted to creating stash-busting afghans!):

A closeup of the #epicafghan for @justdiysara

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My fourth #epicafghan is finished! Green tones, basket weave crochet stitch with three strands at a time.

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My second epic crochet afghan is done… On to the third!

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