Here’s my first Dollar Score for the Dollar Store Crafts blog. I spent a total of $8 tonight (but don’t think I wasn’t tempted to buy about $20 worth of other supplies for the blog). Did you know the average total purchase at Dollar Tree is $6.50?

What I ended up taking home:

  • 2 round braided placemats
  • iridescent tissue paper
  • pink wire-edged ribbon spool
  • googly eyes (less than one cent per eye! I’m sure those will show up on the blog many times!)
  • a dusty rose hat (made me think of the wedding colors in Steel Magnolias: Blush & Bashful)
  • 8 awesome pirate buttons
  • cookie cutters

I decided to put most of the other stuff in my cart back because I am pretty confident that Dollar Tree will have those things next time I shop there, and I had a specific craft in mind for this pink stuff (minus the skull & crossbones buttons, but I’m a pirate freak so I couldn’t pass those up.)

Stay tuned to see what these things will become. What do you think I’m gonna make with them?