A couple years ago, Craftster.org (probably the biggest, best crafty website in the world) had a dollar store crafting challenge.

Participants had to make their creation spending $5 or less at the Dollar Store. There were some clever and cute housewares that Craftster members made, all for the same price as a Venti Frappuccino!

Two of my favorite entries just happened to be by the same creator, Eleanor from Vendibles.

I love this fruity shower curtain she made with a shower curtain and some plastic fruit placemats!

And here are the supplies she used to make this adorable lantern! Color me inspired!

Craftster member LiquidScissors made this clever message board for $4 using a checker set, a corkboard, thumb tacks, and one of those static cling doodlepads that when you pull up the film it erases. She glued checker board to the corkboard, glued the message pad on and glued the checkers to the thumb tacks.

The winner of the challenge was swalsh’s ingenious bedside stand made from photo frames and a package of plastic army men. Amazing!

I hope you’re inspired! I am!