I’m just gratuitously posting a pic of my son because I think he’s cute.

Dollar Store Element: the Hat

My mom and I made some cowboy outfits for the boys to dress up in. Here’s Evander’s vest. It has real leather fringe (I cut the fringe myself!) and the concho on the pocket is shaped like a boot. So cute! Oh, and if you look closely, you can see the little cow bandanna holder thing.

Where I got the parts of the costume:

  • Pattern purchased at $1 Pattern sale at JoAnn last year
  • Vest fabric (corduroy, plaid lining) from our stash
  • Leather scraps from our stash (purchased at Langlitz Leathers for guitar strap tabs)
  • Conchos, leather strings & Cow Thing: less than $1 for both, from my friend Katherine, whose house is full of jewelry treasures
  • Bandanna, on hand
  • Hat, dollar store

Total cost for costume: Less than $3 (we used the same pattern for another costume, so only $.50 for that)