A couple years ago, Craftster.org (probably the biggest, best crafty website in the world) had a dollar store crafting challenge.

Participants had to make their creation spending $5 or less at the Dollar Store. Here are some of the best fashiony entries. They really reminded me of the Project Runway grocery store challenges.

Tim Gunn: You have a budget of five dollars, and we’re going to drop you off at the Dollar Tree in Hackensack to shop for 20 minutes. Make it work!

Check out this prom dress by Craftster user muchachaK made from a shower curtain liner, a plastic tablecloth, and some plastic twine:

This cute apron by VaxGirl cost $3 and took three dish towels to make:

I’m impressed with the clothing you can make for less than $5 at the dollar store. Here’s a “shammy” top by rickrackruby.

The supplies, aaaaand…

Rickrackruby also made a cute skirt using utility towels: