Combine a plastic takeout-style gift box with a fleece scarf, and what do you get? A sweet little handbag, that’s what! This would also be a cute way to wrap your holiday gifts. Project shown: charliebrown

Project Estimate:

  • Fleece scarf $1
  • Plastic gift takeout box to cover $1
  • Home decorating cord $1
  • Button (on hand)

Total cost: $3

Instructions for making a similar purse here.

Charliebrown, on making it:
I got a take out box from the deli at my local grocery store to use as a template. I cut out the fabric, lining and stablizer, layered the pieces together, sewed them and turned it right side out. Turning was actually the hardest part. Than I did a lot of hand sewing to get the box into the right shape. It was alot easier than I thought.