Irene used dollar store stuff to create this adorable kid-friendly costume. (Check the link for an amazing pinata costume, too!)


I wanted to make a kid friendly costume for work so I came up with the old lady from the children’s song,  “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.”

I took a black apron and velcroed on pieces found at the dollar store:

– plastic fly (toy section)
– plastic spider (Halloween section)
– bird (craft section)
– cat & dog (pulled off baby mittens)
– cow & horse (scrapbooking section)

To make the costume complete I wore an old lady dress and glasses attached to a beaded chain. The nice thing about this costume is that it can be used in my classroom during music time. Of course we change the “perhaps she’ll die” part to “cry.”

I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing, Irene!

Project estimate:

  • apron $1
  • various animals $7
  • old lady dress and glasses (on hand! or ask your granny)

Total cost: $8