I am now contributing Dollar Store Kids Crafts at Blissful Kids! This is my first project for them!

Make simple and fun printed gift wrap using foam stickers purchased at the dollar store! You can quickly create big sheets of wrapping paper by rolling a printed design on using a rolling pin and foam stickers.



Materials Needed:

  • Rolling Pin and/or metal lids from jars (on hand)
  • Foam stickers ($1)
  • Paint (on hand)
  • Freezer Paper or foil or plastic wrap (on hand)
  • Paper to print on (on hand or $1)
  • Masking tape (on hand)
  • Paint brush (on hand)

Total Cost: $1-2



1. Cover rolling pin with protective layer of freezer paper (or construction paper, as shown) and tape down.


2. The fun part! Decide which stickers you want to use, and stick them to the rolling pin. You can use random stickers in a random pattern, or precise placement for a more orderly look. Kids of almost any age can participate in sticker-sticking, too!


3. Protect your surface with newspaper, or freezer paper (paper side up). Tape down. I recommend using masking tape because it’s easy to remove from both your counter and the paper.

Bonus: when you’re done with the project, roll a quick design on the surface protection, and use for wrapping paper!


4. Tape down freezer paper alongside your printing surface, shiny side up. You will use this to ink your prepared rolling pin. Pour paint on freezer paper in desired colors. (Note: if you don’t have freezer paper, use plastic wrap, or foil).


5. You might want to spread the paint out a bit more, using a piece of cardboard (from a cereal box, etc.), and then gently roll your rolling pin over the paint until the stamps are all covered in paint.


6. Gently roll prepared rolling pin over paper! Re-ink when needed.

7. Hang your printed paper up on a clothesline to dry, or use masking tape to attach to cupboards. (Tip: Use washable paint to make for easy cleanup!)


Alternately, make single stamps. This would be a better activity for small kids, since a small stamp is easier for small hands to work with.


1. Stick sticker to a very flat, sturdy object. I used a metal lid from a peanut butter jar. Another good option would be a small block.


2. Ink the stamp using paint. I found that it was easiest to get good coverage with a paintbrush. You will need to re-ink the stamp about every three stamps.


3. Stamp away! Use multiple stamps if desired.


Bonus: You can also use printed sheets of construction paper to make coordinating greeting cards! Make a stack of them and tie them in a ribbon for a great gift.