Deep Inside Missy posted a photo of her crocheted candy garland mere hours after I posted the project! A testament to how easy that project is! Yay! She said:

It was stupid easy, and if you know how to chain stitch (which takes approx. 5 minutes or less to learn) 6ft takes 15 minutes. Now to figure out where I’m going to string up the half metric butt-load I’ve made.

Ha ha ha ha! I have the same amount of the garland at my house, too!

Vone from How To… do something made this simple sewn garland.  She took it to the next level by punching the paper into circles. I am excited that others are as into the garlands as I have been this year!

Thank you both for posting pics of what you made on your blogs! Readers: if you make anything inspired by this blog, let me know!