With a clever trick, a recycled CD case becomes a clever display for a desk calendar. Make your own calendar design, or download mine* (if you like pirates!). In Windows, Right click and Save Link As to save it.

Project Materials:

  • CD case
  • Paper
  • Computer printer or copy machine
  • Paper cutter (not required, but helpful!)


To make:

1. Make calendar pages. I made mine in Photoshop and InDesign, but you can use whatever computer programs you have OR use your favorite collaging techniques to create a cool background. I recommend scanning and printing collaged paper designs out, as each CD case comfortably holds 12 sheets of paper, but any layered paper might pose a problem because of the added thickness the layers will add.

  • When designing your own, the image need to measure 120 mm x 120 mm. You can set your page to this size in your design program.
  • You can also trim your images to fit to CD liner notes you already have, if you’re not the measuring kind.
  • Most design programs can generate a calendar for you. If yours doesn’t, you will probably be able to generate a table and fill in the days and dates.


2. Print images using your computer printer, or bring images on a disc to a copy shop. Make sure to print four of your 120 mm x 120 mm pages per printer page. You will set this in your print options before you actually click “print.” Your print options box will probably look different, but I highlighted what mine looks like so you’ll know what to look for.

3. Trim calendar pages to fit inside your CD case. Using a paper trimmer is the easiest way to go. You can always take your printed-out pages to a copy shop and use their free paper cutters, if needed. Or, I bet your work or school copy room has a paper trimmer.

4. Detach CD case cover, flip so the inside is facing out. You will then be able to open the case so that it sits propped open as shown in the top photo.

5. Slide your calendar sheets into the CD case.
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*I designed the calendar using various images from stock.xchng (a free stock photo site) and free Photoshop Brushes I downloaded at Brusheezy.

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