This year, I am making Christmas decorations using what I have on hand! These yarn tassels are quick, easy, and a great way to use up scraps of yarn, or just bust into your stash. I am using them to jazz up my homemade decorations and add a bit more sophistication to stuff made with humble materials (like paper doilies and construction paper!).

Project Materials:

  • Yarn, on hand
  • Recycled cardboard, on hand
  • Scissors

Total cost: FREE!

1. Cut recycled cardboard into shape shown: a rectangle with a large, narrow notch cut out horizontally near the top of the rectangle. I used a piece of a pizza box.

2. Wrap yarn around cardboard about 20 times. Don’t wrap tightly.

3. Take a 6″ piece of yarn and feed it into the notch between the wrapped yarn. Pull it up to the top of the yarn and tie a square knot.

4. Take another 6″ piece of yarn and wrap it around the yarn where the notch is. Wrap twice and then tie a square knot.

5. Remove tassel from cardboard and trim loops at bottom. Trim any ragged pieces, and smooth tassel.

You’re done! These can be used in many ways: tie them onto your Christmas tree, or a package, or add them as decorative accents to other projects, like I did with this swag.