Bigger is often better, but not usually cheaper! In this case, an oversized snowflake made out of paper doilies is a super cheap and dramatic addition to your winter decorations. These would be wonderful decorations for a classroom, party, or your home.

I got a package of styrofoam discs and some skewers with plans to do another project, but when I saw an oversized snowflake decoration in a public building I thought, “Hey! I can make that with stuff I have!”

Project Materials:

  • Styrofoam disc, 6 for $1
  • Doilies, each pack $1
  • Wooden skewers, 100 for $1
  • Scotch tape, on hand

Total cost: $3 for at least 2 snowflakes

Here’s a bad photo of my front window just for scale:

Click for more photos and how to:

Doilies: They have some cute winter ones at The Dollar Tree right now that come 20 to a pack, but there are also the classic coaster doilies that can be found in the wedding section of the store. I bought a pack of 90 for a buck!

Here’s another snowflake using the coaster doilies. I love that by changing the placement of the doilies you can make unique snowflakes!

To make:

1. Insert 6 skewers evenly into styrofoam disc (if you have a snowflake doily for the center, use it as a guide for accurate placement of the skewers!)

2. Tape a doily to the front of styrofoam disc. Secure doily to skewers with tape.

3. Tape doilies to skewers, then tape doilies to each other wherever they intersect.

4. I attached a piece of sparkly yarn by tying it around one of the skewers below where it was taped onto the doily.