The dollar store foam stickers strike again in this super-simple craft that is fun and easy for kids and adults alike.

Have I already told you that I love foam stickers? Well, I do. They’re abundant (200 in my pack), come in many shapes and themes, and there are always seasonal designs available. They are also versatile and can be used in lots of fun ways. Plus, no cutting or gluing necessary with these guys, just peel and stick! Love ’em!

Use these cute garlands to adorn your tree, wreaths, or hang from
shelves or above the windows and doors. You could also make a vertical
garland to hang in the window, or like a “beaded” curtain in your
child’s doorway.

Project Materials:

  • Foam Stickers, $1
  • String, cord, ribbon, etc, $1 or on hand
  • Scraps, on hand

Total Cost: $1 and up

Foam stickers are the only thing you need to pick up at the dollar store for this project! You should have the other materials needed on hand (unless you’re one of those amazing zen mommies who doesn’t keep anything unessential in her home. I wish I was that disciplined!) Gather up bits and scraps to use to create this garland. You can cut up junk mail, cereal boxes, scrap fabric, scrapbook or construction paper, or aluminum foil to use as the background for the foam stickers. You probably have a spare ball of yarn, spool of ribbon, or even fishing line to use for the string part.

To make:

  1. Cut up your scrap paper or foil (or whatever you choose to use). I used rectangles, but if you have a circular punch, this would be a great activity to use it on.
  2. Measure out desired length of yarn and cut.
  3. Stick stickers to yarn and then to the scrap. The yarn will then be sandwiched between the sticker and the scrap.
  4. Stick a sticker on the reverse side of the scrap, if desired.
  5. Continue at intervals on yarn, as desired.

You can also stick the stickers back to their backing (sandwiching yarn between) if you don’t want to use any scraps (see sleigh sticker in photo above). Or, if the sticker is perfectly symmetrical (like with the ginger bread man), you can stick two stickers back to back for a cute look.

This is a really fun activity. I had a great time making this myself, and I could definitely see doing this while relaxing and watching TV. It would also be a great classroom activity.

Okay, I promise I will bring you some non-foam-sticker activities in the future, but I have been having such a great time with these stickers that I’m confident you will too!


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