Design*Sponge brings us this simple and fun DIY project which uses pretty teacups as the containers for poured candles. Pretty and simple! I have done this myself in the past with little espresso cups. These would make great gifts for the holidays, especially for co-workers, teachers, or anyone else you want to give a little something to.

You can use any pretty cup you find at the dollar store, or something you have on hand. In addition to espresso demitasse cups, I have also used some vintage water glasses. Anything will do, really!

For the dollar store version of this project, you will buy big pillar candles
at the dollar store to melt down and use for wax, OR you can recycle
candles you already have that have been burned. It might be cheaper and worth it to go to the craft store to pick up the wax, though. If you can’t find wicks at your dollar store, how about using taper candles that are cut to fit in your container?

Project Estimate:

  • Pretty cups $1 or on hand
  • Wax (pillar candles from DS, recycled, or buy at craft store), $1-5
  • Candle wicks $1-3
  • Candle scent or dye, $3 and up (or use crayons for dye)

Project total: $3 or so per candle