I bought these adorable mini Christmas stocking ornaments from Etsy seller candib last year (sadly, she doesn’t have anything in her shop anymore, and no contact info). They’re about four or so inches tall, and made from an old quilt top. This is a great use for a damaged quilt top (you can find these at reasonable prices at the thrift store or flea markets), or make larger stockings to use for the mantle. Alternately, you could sew together some scraps and use them to get the look without having to find a damaged quilt or cutting into a good one.

Project Estimate:

  • Damaged quilt, $5 (or use scrap fabric sewn together)
  • Scrap fabric, on hand
  • Lace, $1
  • Ribbon, $1

Total cost: $2 and up for a large number of ornaments.