Another installment of my “I’m broke” decorations this year, featuring more doilies. Those things rock! Vertical garlands are a simple way to dress up your windows, and cost effective, since these doilies cost 5 cents each (or less)! Anchor the garland with a piece of hard candy to make it hang nicely.

Project Materials:

  • Doilies, each package $1
  • Hard candy, on hand or $1
  • Pretty yarn (or fishing line, thread, ribbon), on hand or $1

Total cost: $1 or so

Click for more photos and instructions:

To make:

1. Measure desired length of yarn, leaving a bit extra for tying.

2. Tie hard candy to one end of string.

3. Tape doilies to yarn at intervals. Tape doily to opposite side of each doily to hide the taped yarn, if desired.

4. Tie candies on at intervals if desired.