I have a vision of making a dollar store version of the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” with a Barbie leg (or the dollar store version of a Barbie) and a small lampshade. I scoured the internet for someone else who shared my vision, but found nothing. I’m pretty sure this would be the hit of your white elephant party.

Maybe I will make it for next year’s holiday blogs, but for now, I’ll just estimate the cost on it:

Dollar Store Mini Leg Lamp
Project Estimate:

  • Fashion doll (Barbie-style), $1
  • Barbie fishnet stocking, $1 (or more… not sure how hard it would be to find this or a suitable facsimile)
  • Lamp kit, $6 or so at home improvement store
  • Small lamp shade, $2-5
  • Black 1″ fringe trim, .5 yard, $1
  • Wooden plaque, $1
  • Black paint, on hand

Total Cost: $12 or so

Or, how about these projects, inspired by the leg lamp?

Leg lamp felt ornament by craftster user lindsycarranza.

This leg lamp costume by craftster user Oakwood1 would be a hilarious thing to wear to a tacky Christmas party (along with your ugly sweater?)