Make your own stamp pad from a recycled CD jewel case

Jezze recently shared how to make your own stamp pad using a recycled CD jewel case. This is so clever – I absolutely love it! She uses this for stamping on fabric. I love carving my own stamps and then using them on fabric! Now I can print with fabric-friendly ink or paint! [click here for COMPLETE instructions on Jezze’s blog]

Project Estimate:

  • stamp, on hand
  • a flat plastic container, like a cd jewel case, on hand
  • fabric paint or silkscreen ink*, $1
  • spoon or knife, on hand
  • felt cut to fit into plastic container, on hand
  • table salt, on hand

Total Cost: $1

*You can use acrylic paint and then fix it with vinegar and an iron after it’s printed on the fabric.