Desiree Haigh Photography posted this DIY Hermes-looking leather tassel key ring that cost her less than $10 to make. The inspiration key ring had a hefty pricetag of $195!

You probably won’t find a hunk of leather to work with at the dollar store, but you can do like Desiree did and find an old leather garment at Goodwill to cut up for this and many other projects. I have a suede shirt and a leather skirt, both from the Goodwill Outlet (yep, there’s an OUTLET, baby! $1.39 a pound!) that I have socked away for any leather-necessary crafting. If you are a die-hard Dollar Store crafter, you can get the ring at the dollar store!

Here’s the inspiration Hermes key ring. It was also made in lime green, orange, blue. Props to you if you can find a pink leather skirt to cut up!

Project Estimate:

  • Leather garment to cut up, $5-10
  • Key ring, $1
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total cost: $6 and up

Project via One Pretty Thing, via Design*Sponge.