Craftster user thefeltmouse made this doggie yurt pet house for less than ten bucks for the Craftster $10 Dollar Store challenge.

This yurt is a feat of engineering, with the frame made of chopsticks crossed and held together with rubber bands, a picture frame doorway, and a roof made of a salad spinner. The walls of the yurt are one of the best uses I’ve seen for a fleece blanket. The whole thing, starting with the concept itself is pretty fabulous!

Project Estimate:

  • Chopsticks $1
  • Rubber bands $1
  • Masking tape $1 (or on hand)
  • Salad strainer $1
  • 2 Fleece baby blankets $2
  • Picture frame $1
  • String $1 (shown: kite, which was purchased for string)
  • Rug $1

Project Total: $8-9 (or adjust according to what you have on hand!)