Denise from Knitting Without Needles posted this cool tutorial on how to make knitting looms using stuff you’d normally throw away. Instead of throwing away a toilet paper tube and popsicle sticks, knit with them!

Project Estimate for Loom 1:

  • Cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towel roll, FREE
  • 4-6 popsicle or craft sticks, FREE (or a pack of them for $1 at the dollar store)
  • Ponytail holder or rubber band, FREE
  • Tape, on hand

Total cost: FREE (or $1 for about 30 of ’em… if you’re making them for a scout troop or classroom!)

Project Estimate for Loom 2:

  • Plastic juice or drink mix container, FREE
  • Ruler or tape measure, on hand
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Permanent marker, on hand
  • Paper, on hand

Total Cost: FREE

p.s. Apologies to Denise – this post did not have a link to her tutorial for the first few hours it was up on the site. An oversight on my part! My apologies to Denise!