This cool pendant light was made using a common recycling item: egg cartons! We buy eggs by the 5 dozen and we have so many of these purple egg cartons. I am excited to try this project out!

The inspiration project estimate is a cost of about $30. You can reduce this estimate quite a bit by purchasing many of these supplies at the dollar store. The project also calls for “metal hardware cloth” which I have never used. I found it online for $7.39, but it seems like you could substitute another, cheaper material for the hardware cloth. I need to go check out the dollar store to see what they have that might work. You might be able to use chicken wire, for example. Or what if you used an oatmeal canister and poked holes in it?

Project Estimate:

  • Extension cord, $2 and up
  • One strand of 50-count miniature white Christmas lights*, $3
  • Paper pulp egg cartons (at least 80 cups), on hand
  • Metal hardware cloth, $7.39
  • 50 4-inch zip-ties, 10 for $1, total of $5
  • High temp hot glue gun, on hand

Total cost: $17.39 and up

*You could sub LED Christmas lights for even less energy used, less heat from lightbulbs