I love this faux cuckoo clock made by flickr user Nofury. I love the cuckoo clock motif, but you can adapt this project to reflect anything you love. You could paint a faux grandfather clock, or any kind of scene or object you like.

Nofury painted a piece of wood (some stenciling, some hand painting), sealed it, drilled a hole in it and added the clock works. My favorite detail is the shrink plastic bird attached to the second hand. You can use recycled #6 plastic (the kind in clear takeout containers) to make shrinkie things.


You can find wooden plaques at the dollar store that would be perfect for this project. You can find a clock at the dollar store and dismantle it to make a custom clock, or you can buy a clock kit for about $5.

Project Estimate:

  • Wooden plaque, $1
  • Clock, $1
  • Paint, $1
  • Sealant, $1
  • Drill, on hand

Total cost: $4