Sarahrae posted this great idea awhile back on Apartment Therapy: paint over cheesy knick knacks to create hip and modern pops of color in your decor. A monochromatic color scheme makes even the junkiest ceramic figurine look like it came from your favorite hipster shopping outlet. I love these ceramic busts of composers painted orange-red. And when you get sick of the color, repaint!

I saw an Abe Lincoln bust at the thrift store just last week. But you don’t have to limit yourself to busts of famous dudes, you can check out the ceramic aisle of your local dollar store (and they usually have an ENTIRE aisle devoted to that stuff). Just imagine those ceramic birdies painted over in a pretty cream color like Scatter Sunshine did:

Project Estimate:

  • Ceramic figurine, $1
  • Spray paint, $1.88 and up

Total cost: $2.88 (use the spray paint on multiple figurines to bring the cost down)