Craftster user (and Dollar Store Crafts reader) nat_attack created some cool wall decals for her apartment using contact paper from the dollar store. She was inspired by wall decals from blik, but the price of those decals left her less than inspired. She cut out a flock of flying birds, some mushrooms, and this cool bonsai tree, and has plans for a peacock feather motif in her bathroom – can’t wait to see how that turns out!

This is a super-inspiring project for those who live in apartments or dorm rooms, and aren’t allowed to alter the walls permanently. It would also be a great quick project to spruce a room up if you are on a very strict budget, or even for your office walls.

Project Estimate:

  • Contact paper, $1
  • Scissors or x-acto knife, on hand

Total cost: $1

Thanks, Natalie, for submitting this project! Keep the projects coming, readers! I love hearing from you!