Craftster user TPK made cute throw pillows from some Magic Towel washcloths (the kind that come compressed in a tablet and expand when you put them in water) printed with Sesame Street characters. She added brightly colored homemade tassels to the corners for these fun, retro throw pillows.

My local dollar store usually has some form of magic towel washcloths or the other. It seems like it’s a staple for holiday novelties (Valentine’s day, Easter, etc.). See what you can find!

This is a super-basic sewing project, great for beginner sewers or those afraid of their sewing machines!

Project Estimate:

  • 2 Magic Towel washcloths, $2
  • Yarn for tassels, on hand
  • Old throw pillow, pillow form, or stuffing, on hand

Total cost: $2