Tanya at Trey and Lucy posted this ADORABLE bandanna dress for a toddler that only takes 15 minutes to make and costs less than $5. (You have to click on the link just to see her adorable daughter Lucy modeling it! So precious!) We haven’t done a lot with bandannas on Dollar Store Crafts,  but they are another one of my favorite instant-gratification materials to use in projects. I bet if you found a couple cute tea towels, you could make a cute version of this dress, too. Tanya gives another great tip, too: as your toddler grows, she can use the dress as a shirt!

You might be able to find bandannas at the dollar store for 50 cents each. If you can’t find bandannas you like at the DS, check your local craft store, or Wal-mart. Don’t forget to check the men’s work clothes section!

If you’re unsure about your sewing skills, this is very basic and a great project to start out with! You can even hand-sew it if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Project Estimate:

  • 2 bandannas, $2
  • Ribbon, $1

Total cost: $3