Perpetualplum posted a 3-part tutorial on making a natural-looking bird nest. You can find many of the materials needed at the dollar store. In her tutorial, she uses four materials all together to make a natural-looking nest, but she says you can make a nest using only a roll of grapevine and some wire. One of the materials she uses is bark-covered wire, which I have never heard of before, but it looks really cool! You can pick up any materials you can’t find in the floral aisle of the dollar store at your local craft store.

A bird’s nest would be a fun easter basket, or would be a great accent for spring decor. Perpetualplum uses them to display fabric bird sculptures she makes.

Part 1, Materials for a Natural-Looking Bird Nest

Part 2, Armature
Part 3, Finishing Up

Project Materials:

  • Raffia, $1
  • Wire, $1
  • String or sisal, $1 (optional)
  • Bark-covered wire, $7 (optional)
  • Moss, $1 (optional)

Total cost: $2 and up