Anyone who’s interested, there’s a dollar store crafting swap over at

1.  It’s easy to go nuts in the dollar store, so there is a spending limit.  No less then $6 and no more than $12 (before tax).
2.  There are fake dollar stores out there. You know the ones, The 99 Cents (and in really itty bitty letters) and up stores.  Well, for this swap the store has to be at least 90% of just dollar stuff, there are some stores out there that have a “roped off” section of items that are more than a dollar, but to store has to be almost all dollar items.
3.  No going to other stores like Michaels or WalMart and going to their dollar section.  The store has to be at least 90% dollar stuff.
4.  No thrift stores.  I know I know, but they are so wonderful! I thought a while about this and I think it would be fun to just keep to the dollar store.
5. You may use less than 25% of your stash to make your items. Example: thread from your stash to sew something together with fabric you found in a table runner at the dollar store. Your items should absolutely feature what you bought at the dollar store. If this isn’t followed it will be reflected in the comments on your feedback.
5. Think outside the box and have fun!

To participate in a Craftster swap:

•1• You need to have been a Craftster member for at least 1 month to participate in a swap.

•2• You need to have posted at least 15 times on Craftster to participate in a swap.

•3• If you have never swapped on Craftster before, you can only sign up for ONE swap to start out with. Then when you complete that swap and get Positive Feedback, you can sign up for more than one.

If you are already a Craftster member and qualify for this swap, please join us! It’ll be fun! I’ll be posting some of the swap results here on the Dollar Store Crafts blog!