I am always so happy whenever I receive project submissions from my readers! It really makes my day to get an email that says “Hey, look what I did!” Here are a few recent projects that you have submitted to Dollar Store Crafts. As always, click on the link for each project to find instructions at the original blogs (if available).

Papier Mache Heart

By Leanne at SeetheWoodsandtheTrees

This great project uses recycled materials to make a pretty heart embellished with buttons and paper adornments.

Project Estimate:

  • Old newspapers, magazines, or catalogs, on hand
  • Masking tape, on hand
  • Glue (1 part flour to 2 parts water), made from stuff on hand
  • Tissue paper, on hand or $1

Total cost: FREE or $1

Pretty Spring Wreath
By Shana from mysillybeanz

Use pretty ribbon to make a cheerful wreath to welcome Spring! Shana says: “I made a ribbon wreath for my daughter’s Pink Themed Birthday Party.  I bought the foam ring shape at the local Dollar Tree, I think I purchased one roll of ribbon, the rest I had laying around the house.  I basically cut and tied the ribbon around the wreath till I felt it was full enough!”

Project Estimate:

  • Wreath form, $1
  • Ribbon, various, $1 each

Total cost: $4 and up

High School Musical Grad Hat Craft
By Kris at JesseKate Designs

Kris made this fun graduation hat craft for her daughter, who is a huge High School Musical fan, in honor of HSM3 coming out on DVD. She got all her materials at the dollar store.

Project Estimate:

  • Construction paper, cardstock, or posterboard, on hand or $1
  • Red disposable plastic bowls, $1
  • Ruler, on hand
  • Brad, on hand or $1
  • Cereal with a hole in the center (Cheerios, etc), on hand
  • Yarn, on hand

Total cost: $1 and up

Flower Fairy

By Colleen, from a project on Family Fun

I used to play with flowers in the garden and pretend they were little fairies or ladies in ball gowns. With faux flowers, you can create fairies that will last and last. Great project for a rainy day!

Project Estimate:

  • Artificial flowers, $1
  • 16mm round wooden bead, $1
  • Pipe cleaners, $1
  • Embroidery floss or yarn, on hand or $1

Total cost: $3 and up for many fairies