Craftster user stargirl52 made a quick and cute belt out of a measuring tape and a vintage belt buckle. Cloth tape measures can readily be found at your dollar store, or in the sewing department of any craft or department store. They come in many different colors and widths, and are inexpensive. [click here for project]
You can reinforce the tape with clear packing tape or clear contact paper, if you wish. Get a buckle in the sewing department at your local craft store, or cut  up an unused belt. Or you can pick up a belt at the dollar store and use the buckle for this project. You can also use D-rings or a plastic webbing clip from the craft department or cut off of another dollar store item (purses, animal collars come to mind).
Stargirl52 said a friend of hers paid $30 for a similar belt! And if you’re concerned about telling the world your waist size, consider putting the belt together from the top down!
Project Estimate:
  • Measuring tape, $1
  • Belt buckle, $1
  • Clear tape or contact paper, $1 (optional)

Total cost: $2 and up