Craftster user batgrrl created these cute bunnies out of dollar store washcloths that come four to a package (that’s 25 cents each!). Find the washcloths in the baby section of your local dollar store. She said: “They’re really easy to make, and if you’re using the baby washcloths they wind up small enough to stick in plastic eggs, so they might make good Easter basket stuffers.”

If you pick up a bag of plastic eggs while you’re at it, you’ll have something to package these little bunnies in! You can pick up googly eyes at the dollar store, or use buttons or fabric paint for eyes.

Project Estimate:

  • Baby washcloths, 4 for $1
  • Bag of 144 googly eyes, $1 (or on hand!)
  • Plastic easter eggs, $1 (optional)
  • Rubber bands, $1 or on hand

Total: $1 and up

To make:

For a flat bunny: Lay the washcloth out and, with each hand at opposite corners, fold those corners in toward the center until they meet in the middle and then fold those two rolls together into one strip (like folding a one-bread-slice sandwich).

For a bunny with a butt you can stick a pompom on: Fold diagonally, then roll the washcloth up into a thin strip–there will be a thin little “tail” that hangs over the edge in the center, which should go the outside when you fold it.

For either version, fold your strip/roll in half, then bend the pointy ends backwards and secure with a rubberband.  Add whatever embelishments you want–eyeballs, noses, tails, ribbons, etc.