SongbirdTiff bought this wreath at the dollar store, along with some decorative moss and used them together with some seashells she collected to make a nice accent wreath for her home decor. This was made for Living With Lindsay’s Five Dollar Challenge. I will be bringing you more projects from this challenge, so if you participated in it, send me a link to your project!

You can typically find decorator’s wreaths at the dollar store all year ’round. You can do so much with these wreaths, from covering them with seasonal decor accents (even Easter grass and eggs would work in the same configuration as Tiff’s wreath), to painting them, to wrapping them with anything from ribbon to feather boas. The variations are endless, and the price is cheap!

Tiff also made a couple additional decorations with her moss and seashells. She got these pretty glass bowls at a dollar store and put them on some candlesticks to make a pretty display along with a lamp.

Project Estimate (Wreath):

  • Wreath, $1
  • Spanish moss, $1
  • Ribbon, on hand
  • Shells, on hand or $1

Total cost: $2 and up