Reader Diane from JuxtaPoser tipped me off to some cool catnip toys she made for her pet, using stuffed animals from the dollar store. She wrote up a nifty tute for this easy pet project on her blog. Thanks for sharing your idea, Diane! I don’t have any pets myself (two kids under 3 is enough for me!), so I love it when my readers share their ideas for pet-related crafts!

You can get a huge range of stuffed animals at the dollar store, and you can also find bags of catnip there! You will make a bag to contain the catnip out of a sheer fabric (or maybe a recycled nylon stocking?) and sew it inside a stuffed animal.

If you’re afraid of sewing, this is an extremely low-sew situation! Try it out!

Project Estimate:

  • Stuffed animal, $1
  • Catnip, $1
  • Sheer fabric (or nylon stocking), $1 or on hand

Total cost: $2 and up

Random p.s. The animal in the picture is a dugong! I made a dugong-toast for Little Nummies awhile back… just in case you’re a fan of dugongs!