Use pipecleaners and googly eyes bent into the shape of various animals faces for a fun way to dress up your Easter eggs! A simple sleeve made of cardstock can also be decorated to add arms, legs, and body details to your animal (although I didn’t fancy up my paper sleeve here… looks like the Elephant is wearing a towel). Kids will have fun creating funny masks for their incognito eggs. [More Make Something Crafty Everyday projects!]

Making a paper crown might also be a good way to make animal masks for your eggs. Just make a narrow paper crown for your egg, attach eyes, nose, ears, hair, etc. to it as befits your chosen animal.

Project Estimate:

  • Pipecleaners, $1 or on hand
  • Googly eyes, $1 or on hand
  • Cardstock or scratch paper, on hand
  • Glue, on hand

Total cost: FREE and up