An adorable variation on the Grace Violet tea towel skirt is this adorable skirt made by Filth Wizardry. She added a pre-made embroidered pouch to the skirt to serve as a pocket. This detail really takes the skirt to the next level of cuteness! She also gives a great simple description of how she made the skirt, and shares about how EASY they are to make!

The pocket is small enough that it is a good size to test out your own embroidery on (if you aren’t a confident embroiderer), or you can make a pocket out of a cute section from some of your kids’ clothes that they’ve outgrown or stained beyond saving.

I wish I had a girl so I could try this… maybe I’ll try to make some tea towel shorts for my boys and report on my luck (or if I fail, post it over at Craft Fail).

Project Estimate:

  • Tea towel, $1
  • Elastic, $1
  • Recycled clothing or other for pocket, on hand

Total cost: $2