Professional designer and former Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living Eddie Ross posted a great high concept decorating idea using flour sack dishtowels found at a dollar store! He made a classy and tailored-looking sink skirt that also provides a bit of powder room storage! He got a quote from an upholsterer for the same job and was told it would cost $750 to get a similar look (and that’s without the cost of the fabric!) [project here] [Thanks for the tip, craftydame]

Eddie got the towels at the dollar store, and you can also pick up grosgrain ribbon there. For Eddie’s version of the project, you will also need Stitch Witchery and Velcro, both which can be found at craft stores or the craft section of your local big-box store. You can also do without the Stitch Witchery if you are comfortable sewing ribbon to towels.

Project Estimate:

  • Flour sack dishtowels (11), $1 each
  • Grosgrain ribbon (probably need about 3), $3
  • Velcro, $5-7
  • Stitch Witchery, $3

Total: $22 (Eddie’s estimate on his blog was $15)
Total savings: $728!

p.s. Here’s another Eddie Ross post on Dollar Store decorating – lots of great tips – with photos!!