Reader dyp sent me this project she made with a jar and some temporary tattoos and beads: an incense jar! You could use this technique to tattoo a vase or other kind of crockery, too! Or how about recycling a glass beverage bottle?

Dyp says:

Method: Clean jar really well to remove finger prints and oils from skin. ( I used rubbing alcohol.) Apply tattoos just like you would to skin, go slow and smooth down the tattoos carefully. I beaded a super fast top with bells… put pebbles in the bottom to hold the incense. I buy my incense for $.95 at the local Indian Food store… smells a LOT better than the stuff at the dollar store!

Project Estimate:

  • Glass Jar, $1 or on hand
  • Temporary Tattoos, $1
  • Pebbles, $1
  • Beads & Bells, on hand
  • Incense- $1

Total cost: $3 and up