Are you ready for summer? Yay for sun, fun, and free time, right? Are you ready for constantly hearing “I’m bored!” from your kids? Jek at Scrumdilly-Do! has a dollar store solution: the Boredom Buster Art Box. [click for full instructions]

The premise is to create a bento style art caddy that you replenish a couple of times a week. The key to this caddy is filling it with only enough supplies to do one or two different types of projects. By rotating supplies out out a few times a week your kids will be pleased with the novelty of changing supplies. You can find tons of fun supplies at the dollar store to surprise your kids with. If you have multiple kids, make up separate containers for each of them and then have the kids rotate the boxes during the week (so you don’t have to keep refilling all week).

Project Estimate:

  • Bento-style box, $1
  • Various supplies, $1-5

Total: $2 and up