Another simple use for cute textiles: the toddler napkin skirt. Traci of Amazing Mae made this adorable skirt out of some french country napkins she picked up on sale.  I love how Traci used contrasting fabric to make the waistband! You can also use a bandanna, tea towel, or other cute piece of fabric. I wonder if we can enlarge the pattern to make a cute skirt for big people? Maybe we’d need to use a tablecloth! [link to full project instructions]

You probably won’t find any napkins as cute as this one at your local dollar store, but keep your eye out for sales on napkins at “higher end” stores (like Wal-mart and Target, hah!).

Project Estimate:

  • Cloth napkin, $1
  • Scrap fabric, on hand
  • Elastic, on hand

Total: $1