Make a quilt in an hour or so by using readymade bandannas as squares! This would be a great outdoor or picnic quilt, or a cute covering for a tween’s bed (in their favorite alternating colors). Made by Mrs. D. Lightful, and found by U Create. [click here for instructions] [updated: new instructions because old link doesn’t work now]

Notes on materials: for batting, you can use your 40% off coupons from your local fabric store (JoAnn’s always has one if you sign up for their mailing list), or use a recycled blanket/comforter from thrift store – launder in hot water before using). Backing: you can use a thrifted sheet for the easiest backing. Overdye with RIT (cotton & cotton blend sheets) to fit color scheme, if necessary.

This is a great quilting project for a beginner, so if you have always wanted to make a quilt, this is a good project to start with. It’s just sewing in straight lines. Bandannas are awesome if you want to just sew and go with little cutting and measuring! Bandannas are a great non-intimidating way to go when making a quilt, but they are NOT the cheapest way, so if you want to go cheaper (but a tiny bit more work), fabric by the yard or recycled sheets are a better choice.

I have a lot of experience making quick patchwork quilts so if you need more info, comment here and I’ll comment/email back to help you (or perhaps our readers will assist in the comments)! If there’s a demand, I can create a step-by-step tutorial (but probably not until later in July).

Project estimate:

  • Bandannas, $1 each (you’ll need at least 12, depending on the size of quilt you want)
  • Thrifted sheet, $1 and up
  • Batting, $2.50 a yard (2 or more yards)

Total: $18 and up