Reader Jeri created these awesome earrings with floral decorating wire she found at the dollar store. She graciously wrote a tutorial exclusively for Dollar Store Crafts and shares it with us today! Visit Jeri’s shop at Kitty’s Purse Shop.

Special Tool: To make these earrings, Jeri recommends buying a pair of special pliers:
I will tell you that I did invest in a pliers that has rubber on its ends because aluminum is soft and marks can be left quite easily.  I used a coupon for 50% (got it off the internet) and went to a craft store and ended up paying $2.45 for it and it has already paid for itself.  Before I got that tool, I would end up throwing what ever I made away because it had tool marks all over it. You can do it without the tool but it is so much easier with it.

Floral Decorating Wire: Buy floral decorating wire in the flower section of the dollar store.  They have many colors and you get 6 feet for $1.00.  You can make 4 pair of earrings with that much.

Project Estimate:

  • Floral Decorating Wire, $1 for a 6-foot piece (makes 4 pairs of earrings)
  • Earring hooks, $1 for a package
  • Beads, on hand or $1 per package
  • Wire cutters, on hand or $1
  • Nylon jaw pliers, $2.50 with coupon at craft store
  • Sandpaper or nail file, on hand

Total: $2 for earring supplies, $2.50 for special tool

To Make:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of floral wire each approximately 9 inches long. On the ones I curled I put a mark at the 4″ mark so I would know how much I could curl before the beads were put on.
  2. You need to smooth the cut ends a little before you start.  I used some sandpaper that was laying around the garage, but you could use a nail file or emery board or even use the cement on the porch to get rid of the sharp ends.
  3. Using your pliers, make a swirl and keep turning the wire until it gets to the mark you made on the wire.
  4. Put some beads on and then start curling at the other end. Create a small loop at one end for hanging on ear hooks, or add a jump ring around part of the coil.
  5. TIP: if some of the color of the wire gets scraped off, use a magic marker in that color to touch it up.

Price per set of earrings:

  • 18″ of wire = $.24
  • (2) beads = $.10 each
  • Earring wire = $.04 each

Total: $.52 for 1 set of earrings