Check out these adorable hedgehog toys from Darling Petunia made out of microfiber car washing mitts! First of all, I love hedgeghogs, and second, what could possibly be a better use for one of those mitts? The project is simple, too, with a minimum amount of sewing, etc. Thanks to reader Kathryn for the tip on these cuties! [click here for lots of pretty pictures and instructions]
I wonder if you could make some of these to give your kids for the express purpose of dusting? Sounds worth a try to me! Use whatever you have on hand for eyes. Buttons, beads, or felt will all work very well! You can use a readymade pom-pom (get them by the pack at the dollar store), or just make your own. They’re very simple to make out of yarn.
Project Estimate:
  • Microfiber mitt, $1
  • Beads, buttons, felt, etc., for eyes, on hand
  • Pom-pom for nose, on hand
  • Stuffing, on hand

Total: $1