I have always loved the little boxes you can fold with paper. They’re so useful for tiny keepsakes or gifts. Handmade by Deb has taken the cute origami box one step further by embellishing it with initial stickers. These would make fantastic favor boxes for weddings, showers, or parties. [click here for a video tutorial]

Also, don’t miss this other fantastic origami box tutorial by Deb: Sanbo Origami Boxes.

Deb also gave me the secret lowdown on these boxes: the origami paper and stickers were purchased at the dollar store! She got the origami paper in a pack of 100 with 10 different sizes (you need two different sizes to make the lid and base of this box). Deb’s stickers were $1.25 for 300.

Project Estimate:

  • Origami paper or scrap paper cut into squares, $1 or on hand
  • Stickers, $1 or on hand

Total: FREE and up