My dollar store has a ton of placemats, and they always have round braided placemats in stock. Here’s a fun idea from Better Homes & Gardens for your Fourth of July celebration: add some stars for a fun patriotic look. Don’t worry if they don’t have red or blue in stock, just use some spray paint for a quick change. [click here for the original idea on BHG]

BHG suggests using “high tack adhesive sheets” to apply the canvas stars but maybe you can starch the canvas fabric, cut out the stars, and then apply them with spray glue or tacky glue. Or, you can cut a stencil (it would be a relatively simple one) and spray paint the stars on. I guess it just depends on the look you’re going for!

Project Estimate (Spray Painted Version):

  • Placemat, $1
  • Spray paint in red, white, and/or blue $4 or so (for 2 colors)
  • Recycled cardboard for a stencil, on hand

Total: $5 plus $1 for each additional placemat

Project Estimate (Canvas Fabric & Spray Glue Version):

  • Placemat, $1
  • Spray paint in red or blue, $2
  • Canvas fabric, $2 a yard
  • Spray glue or Tacky Glue, on hand or about $4

Total: $5 and up plus $1 for each additional placemat