This puppet theatre is another great dollar store craft from the Craftster $10 Challenge from last year. Craftster user nomij constructed it (painstakingly, it appears!) out of tablecloths, a garden stake armature, and electrical tape, among other things. One of my favorite things about the Craftster challenge entries is the extreme creativity of the entrants! [click here for more photos and info]

I love toys that encourage creative play! This looks like so much fun!

The creative use of garden stakes as an armature is something I really like about this project. It looks pretty sturdy, too! That’s duct tape covering the joints. Bristol board is listed in the supplies list, although I’m not sure where it was used, and a gift bag was also included in the project list (used for a flag to top the theatre) but I’m omitting that from my estimate because it’s not necessary in order to create this project.

Project Estimate:

  • Two tablecloths, $2
  • Two packs of
    electrical tape, $2
  • Duct
    tape, $1
  • Bamboo garden skewers, $1
  • Star sequins, $1 (optional)
  • Bristol board, $1 (optional?)

Total: $6 and up