It’s only 153 days until Christmas, and around the crafty blogosphere (AND in stores, can you believe it?), people are already thinking, dreaming, and planning for the holiday! And if you want to make an advent calendar, you have even less time, so start planning! I won’t post TOO many holiday ideas yet (I don’t want to overwhelm you!), but I will start posting some good ideas as I discover them.

Over at Gingerbread Snowflakes, Pam has posted this simply adorable idea for an advent calendar: make mini piñatas filled with candy for each day of advent. I love all things mini, and piñatas are so much fun, and these ones are so cute! Not up to making 24 piñatas? Pam suggests making one as a special ornament for each family member and using them as part of your holiday celebrations. [click here for instructions on how to make the pinatas and the advent calendar]

Now is a great time to pick up water balloons for your piñatas (they are harder to come by in the fall and winter!), or use regular party balloons. Pam suggests using Sculptamold to make your pinatas (and she has some very good reasons, too), and a small bag of it will run you less than $5, but if you want to keep costs lower and recycle at the same time, you can use the traditional route of papier-mâché with flour paste and newspaper strips.

Project Estimate:

  • 24 small balloons, $1
  • Newspaper and paste, on hand
  • Tissue paper, $1
  • Glue or Mod Podge, on hand

Total cost: $2 and up