Here’s a great idea from The Brush Barn: Help your child tame her toybox with a toy book. Photos of individual toys will help her choose which toy to play with next and will help those “sometimes forgotten toys” to stay in circulation. [click here for full project info]

In my own quest for toy organization, I have been dreaming of some other photo solutions for keeping track of my kiddos’ toys. How about using clear plastic bins to store individual types of toys (legos in one box, matchbox cars in another, etc.) and affixing a photo of the items on one end of the box to help smaller kids see what’s inside them (and then put them away in the right place when they’re done). Or what about using those inexpensive over-the-door clear plastic shoe sorters (less than $5 for a full door sized one, or get small ones at the dollar store for a buck) to sort individual toys (stuffed animals, etc.). You could place a photo of each item in each slot if you’re keen on keeping them sorted in specific places.

For photo printing, you have lots of inexpensive options, and you can often get free photos for signing up with a new account for services like Snapfish. (No product endorsement implied and I wasn’t paid for this mention! It’s just the first one off the top of my head.)

Toy Book Project Estimate:

  • Photo album, $1
  • Photos of each toy set, $1 and up

Total: $2 and up